June 22nd 2022

Including Installation and VAT in your quote

Some of our competitors will pull together a really competitive quote, then when they turn up to survey and you are ready and excited about your garden project, they add on installation at the end, taking your costs right up, and not allowing you to budget accurately.  For some customers, this means starting all over again with quotes and for others, they agree to it, but it tarnishes their experience.

This has happened to us before personally, and we don’t want that for our customers.  When we turn up to survey, we want you to be really excited about your outdoor project, and for nothing to impact on that feeling.  All our quotes therefore include installation and VAT, so you know exactly how much your pergola, awning or glass roof will cost.

The process

The Cotswold’s process is pretty simple.  Hopefully you have researched roughly what you are looking for and then found us!  Find a few products that you believe are ideal for your outdoor garden.  Take a look at our inspiration gallery – full of our latest installations.  After that, you should obtain 1 or 2 quotes for different ideas from us.  If needs be, give us a call and tell us what you are after and we will recommend the best solution for you.

We will then send prices to you on the products you have chosen, and this WILL include installation and VAT.  When comparing us to other companies, do make sure you ask for installation prices to be included too.

Then we will come out and survey the area, make sure you are happy with everything and once you have agreed, we will order the product for you and ask for a 50% deposit.

Why we include VAT in your quote

Nothing hidden is our motto!  Added to that, on virtually all our products we have a tab called 'price examples including installation', and there you will find a few examples of different sizes and their rough prices – so the quote you get shouldn’t have any surprises in it.

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