January 14th 2022

Things to consider when researching a pergola

What is a pergola?

A pergola is an aluminium structure built outdoors comprising of metal columns (in our case) that support a roofing grid.  In the case of a wooden pergola this would be beams, but in the case of a Cotswolds pergola this would be a louvred or glass roof.

What ground can I put it on?

A pergola doesn't need footings or concrete to support itself, but its posts will need to be buried into the ground or anchored with heavy-duty concrete anchor bolts to prevent them from toppling over in high winds.  The pergola itself will need to be constructed on a flat, even surface, such as a concrete base, a patio or a decked area.  Few pergolas are built on a flat gravel surface.

What weather conditions can it withstand?

Most pergola louvred roofs are made to withstand a wind speed of up to 160km/hour, such as the Tarasola Technic.  A glass roof sits on a metal pergola structure and can withstand similar wind speeds.  If a pergola is attached to your house, you would need to investigate further once you had chosen the product most suitable.

What is the pergola structure made of?

The structure of the pergola’s we sell are made of aluminium.  They are hard wearing, won’t rust as easily as steel, and won’t rot as wood can over time.  They are oxidised with a coating of paint to prevent rusting and the posts come in a variety of colours.

Do I need sides to my pergola or can it just have a roof?

It is completely dependent on what you are planning to use it for.  If it is just a canopy to provide shade, a louvred roof or glass roof with over awning is ideal.  If you are planning to use it as an extension to your home we would strongly recommend sides.  You have the option of glass sides and sliding doors, or you can have screen sides which can be raised or lowered depending on the weather.

Wood or metal pergola, which one is right for me?

A wooden pergola is often used more for decorative purposes than outdoor living and blends into the environment around it.  You could have an over or under canopy / awning to protect the top, but it would not have sides, so it could be used as shade, but not shelter.  A metal pergola whether it is attached to the house or freestanding, could have sides and become an outdoor living area, should you choose to use it that way.


Next steps...

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