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January 18th 2023


There are many different styles of pergolas available and it can be difficult to know what's right for you. A traditional wooden pergola is classic, but they do require heavy maintenance throughout the year. Modern pergolas are a more durable option that will add value to your property. This post aims to help you decide if a modern, louvred roof pergola is for you!


Wooden vs Aluminium

An aluminium pergola is built to last. It’s made of high-quality materials, and it will last as long as the memories you make under it.

A wooden pergola can be beautiful, but it requires constant maintenance and upkeep much like wooden decking. If you're looking for something that's more durable and can last for years with minimal attention needed — we recommend a modern pergola!

Louvred roof pergolas offer much more protection from the elements. The blades can retract or rotate allowing you adaptability and advanced protection. With the touch of a button the roof can be fully sealed keeping you dry or UV protected, or you can be fully exposed to the sky above, free to stargaze at your leisure. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Opting for an aluminium pergola is an investment in your property. They can be used as an additional living space and also increase the value of your home or business.

A pergola with purpose

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy your outdoor space in all kinds of weather, then you should consider adding one of these modern pergola designs to your landscape.

The most obvious feature is that they are weather resistant. The louvres can be opened or closed depending on the season, so it won't matter if it rains or snowflakes fall from the heavens above. 

Let's face it: if you're building something that doesn't serve its purpose well enough then why bother? That's where these pergolas come into play. They're designed specifically with lifestyle features in mind but also provide excellent protection and adaptability, which is desirable in an unpredictable, British climate.

Combine the simplicity of nature and beauty with a touch of modern elegance.

Modern pergolas are simple, elegant and stylish. They can be built to fit your property, or customised to suit your needs. If you’re looking for a modern addition that will complement the beauty of your backyard space, consider adding a louvred roof pergola.

What are my placement options?

Pergolas can be freestanding or attached to your home. They come in bespoke sizes, and can be adapted to the space you are working with. 

A well placed pergola can be used to create a focal point in your garden or as an outdoor living space. Ideal for entertaining guests and family members who want to enjoy some fresh air while they relax outdoors.

A stylish, modern pergola will make all the difference to your outdoor entertaining area.

A beautiful pergola can be used as an extension of your home. It’s like having another room in your garden or patio. 

In addition to the standard features of a pergola, some models also include:

  • LED lighting for ambience
  • Infrared heating for comfort
  • Glass sliding doors for protection against insects, wind and rain 
  • Zip screens for privacy
  • Grillo walls for clean aesthetics 
  • Built in speakers for the ultimate entertainment experience!
We source our pergolas from only market leading, European manufactures.

Cotswold Awnings and Pergolas only work with market leading brands such as Weinor, Markilux, C3 Systems and KE Outdoor Design. We recommend only the best brands when it comes to nailing down your project.

If you're not sure which manufacturer to go with, we can guide you through the options and share with you our expertise. If you want something truly unique and special—and want it done right—then our tailored range is the way to go!

Contact us today for a free quotation, or speak to us via our live chat. We’re here to help.