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May 26th 2023

The Importance of Your Awning's Wind Sensor

As the summer season graces us with its warmth and sunshine, it's the perfect time to savor the outdoor experience under the protective shade of your Cotswold Awning. To ensure your awning operates smoothly and stands the test of time, there's one essential maintenance task you should never overlook: checking your awning's wind sensor. In this blog post, we'll delve into why this small component plays a crucial role in safeguarding your awning and how you can easily ensure its optimal performance.

Why is the Wind Sensor Important?

The wind sensor serves as a guardian for your awning during strong winds. Its primary function is to detect high wind speeds and trigger an automatic retraction, preventing potential damage to the awning structure. By monitoring wind conditions, the sensor ensures that your awning will retract if the wind becomes too powerful causing a risk of damage to the awning.

Image of a Somfy wind sensor used to detect strong winds and safeguard awnings.
Image of a hand carefully removing the casing of a Somfy wind sensor

The Consequences of Neglecting the Wind Sensor:

Awnings that are equipped with wind sensors offer enhanced safety and convenience. However, if the wind sensor batteries are depleted or not functioning properly, it can lead to various issues that compromise the awning's performance. One common problem is the awning not fully extending as it should. This can be frustrating and may limit your ability to enjoy the full benefits of your outdoor space. To prevent such inconveniences, regular checks and battery replacements are essential.

Simple Steps to Check and Replace Wind Sensor Batteries:

  1. Extend your awning fully using the controls provided.
  2. Prioritize safety by turning off the power supply.
  3. Locate the wind sensor positioned at the center of the extended front profile within your awning.
  4. Unscrew the cover of the wind sensor, typically held by two screws.
  5. Carefully remove the sensor from its housing.
  6. Replace the old batteries with fresh double A batteries, ensuring correct polarity.
  7. Securely reattach the sensor cover.
  8. Restore power to the awning.
  9. The wind sensor will automatically reset itself, allowing your awning to function optimally.
  10. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the seamless operation of your awning.

By performing this straightforward battery replacement procedure, you'll ensure your wind sensor remains in top-notch condition, allowing your awning to adapt to changing weather conditions effortlessly.

Seeking Assistance:

If you encounter any difficulties during the battery replacement process or have any questions, our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you. Don't hesitate to reach out via phone or email for expert guidance and support. Or use our live chat.

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