January 13th 2022

The benefits of a coupled awning

Coupled awnings are two awnings joined side by side, making for an extra long awning, or canopy.  Suited to either the back of large houses or cafes and restaurants, they are normally joined together with only one having a motor that drives both canopies at the same time.

Coupled awning options

There are a number of different options for coupled awnings.  The first is two separate awnings with a gap in between.  these could be used to have an awning over two separate windows at the back of a house, and will be motorized independently.  But normally this option is used in restaurants, cafes and shops.

The second option are two canopies that have something called a jockey cover – which is a small piece of fabric that fits above or below, allowing there to be a seamless join.  This is ideal for restaurants and bars where people are likely to move between the two, or even sat underneath!

The third option is two awnings fitted together and then a customized piece of fabric which covers both, and is able to be retracted as well as extended.

What benefit can a coupled awning provide me?

Normally awnings only stretch to 7 metres tops, most are 6 metres in width.  If you need an awning far longer, a coupled awning is perfect for you.  This could be in the back garden, or if you own a café or restaurant a coupled awning can give you a large amount of space for alfresco dining.  Coupled awnings are far cheaper than glass roofs which can be built on pergolas and can be 12-13 metres long.

coupled awning with a gap in between outside a university
A coupled awning sheltering a shop

How much is a coupled awning?

It is completely dependent on which brand you choose.  A markilux 1600 coupled awning, 10m in length and 4 metre projection would cost around £7,969 ex vat but this price includes installation.

Do I need to factor any other costs in?

It’s a good idea to consider extras.  This could be integrated LED lighting, infrared heaters fixed to the awning or back wall to keep your customers / guests warm.  Added the this there are optional rain and wind sensors, so they other come in or go out depending on whether you want your coupled awning as shade or shelter.  You can choose a remote control or a crank handle - some brands have a mechanism that allow you to operate both at the same time.

Next steps

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