Tarasola Loft

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Enjoy lots of free space! Specifically designed with minimalist and modern buildings in mind, this robust Tarasola aluminium pergola has a characteristic gable-end high roof.

The fabric roof is unique in that it can be rolled downwards, opening up the space above. One module of maximum size can cover a terrace, veranda, a garden or a patio as big as 100m².

Full product information

  • Freestanding construction only, cannot be attached to the side of the house
  • Dimension options on a freestanding structure: min 250cm (width), 200cm (depth), 230cm (height). Max 1300cm (width), 700cm (depth), 300cm (height).
  • The retractable fabric roof is made from TechProtect fabric; waterproof, UV resistant and durable and can be extended and retracted as needed.
  • Qualicoat powder coating on the aluminium frame.
  • Max wind resistance (tested) 120km/h.
  • Guarantee - 5 years.