February 7th 2022

Roof options for your pergola

Your pergola is a fabulous extension to your living space, be it attached to your house or freestanding in your outdoor space.  We have some customers who use a freestanding pergola for outdoor living, outdoor dining or in some instances, to house their hot tub.  Others have a wall mounted pergola attached to their house and use it as an extension of their indoor living space.

Louvred roofs

A louvred roof is made of aluminium and provides a different kind of shelter to its occupants.  Louvred roofs can normally be rotated to 135°, which allows you to control how much sun (or shade) you would like in your pergola, and can also control the temperature if your pergola has either glass sides or zip screens.

Louvred roofs can also be shut completely if the weather takes a turn for the worse, providing shelter and allowing you to remain outside.


Fabric roofs

A number of our pergolas, namely weinor, markilux and some Tarasola products come with durable, UV resistant, waterproof, fabric roofs.  Similar to louvred roofs, these come with smart or integrated guttering to the sides of the roof, meaning rain can drain off effectively.

They can also be retracted, either partly or fully.

retractable fabric roof option on a loft roof

Glass roof

A glass roof is a fantastic addition to your pergola.  It provides protection from the weather and can be fitted with an over or under-awning, which will provide shade from the sun and extra privacy.  A glass roof is becoming a popular choice for our customers, particularly if it is paired with glass sliding doors and glass sides – this creates a glass room.

For more information on our glass roofs, please click here.

Fully retractable roofs

A few of our products, namely the markilux pergola stretch and compact, and the Tarasola Loft and Elegancy come with retractable fabric roofs – which concertina compactly when retracted.  Caribbean Blinds Prestige Living Pod has a louvred roof which can also be retracted if needed.



Next steps

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glass roof option