April 14th 2022

One of our most popular awnings, the Cassita II

Having won a prestigious reddot design award 6 years ago, this is one of the more popular retractable awnings that Cotswolds installs around the UK.
With its elegant design combined with high-performance technology and ultra-slim full cassette, the Cassita allows various options for added comfort and convenience.

Full cassette

The Cassita II canopy can be fully retracted into it’s cassette which completely protects the waterproof awning fabric and the awning arms and mechanisms. The oval cassette is a smaller and slim design compared to other cassettes, allowing it to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings when retracted.

Optional LED Lights

A light bar provides pleasant warm white light in the evenings.  The LED lights are highly energy efficient with an operating life of 30,000 hours.  Infinitely dimmable and easy to service: simply replace individual LED lights as and when necessary.

weinor Cassita II full cassette slimline and comes in a range of colours

Colours and fabrics

The weinor waterproof awning fabrics are solution dyed, meaning the colour pigment is stored in the fibres during the spinning process and the finished yarn is fully saturated with dye. This guarantees outstanding durability, consistently bright colours and great UV resistance.

Added to that, you have over 140 colours and patterns to choose from!  If in doubt, we can bring samples along when we are surveying to make sure you pick the right fabric for your outdoor living.

weinor Cassita II canopy fitted to a house in Gloucestershire with LED spotlights. Awnings cost from £3,500

Remote control

Rather than a crank handle, you can opt for a remote control, which allows you to retract and expand your canopy remotely.  A crank handle is a simpler solution if there is no electricity supply nearby, but most customers opt for a remote control, and often add a wind sensor – which will automatically retract an awning when winds reach a certain mph.

Pitch and angle of the canopy

The folding arms on the Cassita II are placed directly on the headplates are highly durable and

low-noise.  The Cassita II comes with a practical adjusting bracket on the awning cassette, making it especially easy to adjust the angle.  Set to any angle from 5 – 45° by turning the cassette.


Prices start from around £3,800 including VAT and installation.  Don’t forget all our quotes include installation – useful if you wish to compare us against other quotes.
For more information on the weinor Cassita II, click here.  Or for a quote, click here.