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April 14th 2022

One of our most popular awnings, the Cassita II

The Cassita is a celebrated addition to our line of retractable awnings, having been the recipient of a distinguished Reddot design award six years ago. This elegant and efficient solution stands as one of the most sought-after offerings by Cotswolds, gracing homes all across the UK.

Infusing style with advanced technology, the Cassita showcases an ultra-slim full cassette design that effortlessly marries aesthetics with function. It also brings with it an array of customization options, ensuring that each installation caters to the specific comforts and conveniences that our customers desire. Experience the seamless blend of beauty, practicality, and personalized style that the Cassita offers.

Seamless Protection with Full Cassette

The Cassita II embraces a full cassette design, offering comprehensive protection to the awning fabric, arms, and mechanisms. Its waterproof material effortlessly retracts into the slim, oval-shaped cassette. This refined design is not only more compact compared to other models, but it also merges discreetly with its environment when not in use, maintaining the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Experience the Ambiance of Optional LED Lights

Enhance your evening relaxation with the optional light bar that emits a warm, inviting glow. The LED lights provide highly energy-efficient illumination with an impressive operating lifespan of up to 30,000 hours. These lights are not only infinitely dimmable to suit your desired ambiance but are also designed for easy maintenance - individual LED lights can be replaced as required, ensuring long-lasting and enjoyable use.

weinor Cassita II full cassette slimline and comes in a range of colours

Immerse in Vibrant Colours and Resilient Fabrics

With weinor's waterproof awning fabrics, you are investing in both beauty and longevity. These fabrics employ a solution-dying process where the colour pigment is incorporated into the fibres during their formation, resulting in a yarn fully saturated with dye. This ensures exceptional durability, vivid and consistently rich colours, and impressive UV resistance.

Furthermore, you have the luxury to choose from over 140 diverse colours and patterns! To make your decision easier, we can provide fabric samples during our survey. This ensures you choose the perfect fabric to elevate your outdoor living experience.

weinor Cassita II canopy fitted to a house in Gloucestershire with LED spotlights. Awnings cost from £3,500

Effortless Control at Your Fingertips

Forget about traditional crank handles. Opt for a modern, remote control system that allows you to effortlessly retract and expand your canopy from anywhere. While the crank handle offers simplicity, especially in areas lacking an electricity supply, our customers typically prefer the convenience of a remote control. To elevate your comfort, you can add a wind sensor, which automatically retracts the awning when winds reach a certain speed.

Customizable Pitch and Angle for Your Perfect Shade

The Cassita II features robust and low-noise folding arms, situated directly on the headplates, ensuring durability and quiet operation. With a practical adjusting bracket on the awning cassette, the Cassita II allows for easy angle adjustment. You can set the angle from 5 – 45° by simply turning the cassette, offering you the ideal shade based on your preference.

Prices for the Weinor Cassita II start from approximately £3,800, inclusive of VAT and installation. Keep in mind that our quotes always include installation costs – a factor to consider when comparing our offerings with others.

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