weinor Plaza Viva

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Awarded the Iconic Award in 2019 with its modern, slimline design, this Plaza Viva is both a practical and attractive option to providing both shade and shelter from the weather.

Extremely stable, even in heavy winds, the two front posts give the pergola stability and with telescopic posts, allow for easy, simple water drainage.

Full product information

    • Dimension options on a freestanding structure: min 100cm (width), 200cm (depth), max 600cm (width), 500cm (depth).
    • Full awning cassette keeps the fabric and component parts protected.
    • Wind force protection 6 (Beaufort scale).
    • Rain protection from a 4 degree pitch (unless with valance, and then 5 degrees).
    • Roof pitch 4-25 degrees.
    • Install on wall, overhangs and roofs. Not available as freestanding.
    • Waterproof canopy fabric.
    • Guarantee - 5 years.