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When people think of pergolas, some think of wooden structures, often built in a back garden designed to provide small amounts of shade and for plants to climb up, creating a feature in your garden.

But pergolas can be a strong, robust aluminium structure either attached to your home or standalone. They are hard wearing, won’t rust as easily as steel, and won’t rot as wood can over time.  They are oxidised with a coating of paint to prevent rusting and the structure can be made in a variety of colours to either compliment or contrast with your surroundings.

It is worth researching your pergola to make sure it is the right choice for you.  Some typical questions can be found on our researching pergola blog which can be found here

Pergola sides

If you wish for your pergola to be complete sheltered, and use it as an outdoor living space, then you can have sides installed.  These could be either sliding glass doors, static glass and/or zip screens.


Once you have picked your pergola, you can then choose extras you might want.  These include remote control options, wind and rain sensors, LED lighting and heaters.  For each product listed here, we show a list of accessories available for the pergola you have chosen.

Tarasola Technic louvred roof pergola in white, with 4 glass screens, zip screens to give added privacy and glass doors at the end. Finished with LED lights and an infrared heater
Tarasola technic pergola with zip screens, wall mounted installed in Cirencester

Roof options

You can choose from two main types of roofs for your pergola.  A louvred roof is a roof comprised of slats which can be angled, or you can choose a waterproof hardwearing fabric roof, which can provide shade and shelter, and some products enable the roof to be retracted.

Finally, a glass roof can also be attached to a pergola structure, either attached to a wall or freestanding.  For our glass roof options, please click here

louvred roof on a Tarasola branded pergola

Louvred roof

A louvred roof is comprised of slats which can be turned through 135°. Users can fully control the amount of sunlight plus ventilation, or the roof can become completely waterproof when bad weather prevails.

Tarasola elegancy fabric roof pergola

Waterproof fabric roof

As with the louvred roofs, the guttering drains off excess water, and fabric roofs can rough weather conditions - each manufacturer will detail what their pergolas and roofs can with stand in the technical spec.

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Pergola brands

We only use the best quality, highly regarded manufacturers when installing pergolas.  The below manufacturers have all been in business for over 10 years and have excellent feedback from our customers.

For each manufacturer we have listed the different products they offer and we supply a rough guide price for each. Please note, prices include installation, so if you are comparing quotes, make sure the installation is included too.


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Why Cotswolds?

We have been fitting awnings, pergolas and glass roofs for a number of years now, and our team pride themselves ondoing the best job possible – whether that is advising you on the best product for what you need, to surveying your property and fitting your chosen awning or pergola.

Our process is simple. You chose what you want and let us know, we survey and provide a quote and then you decide if you wish to go ahead. We then order the product and fit, taking into account when is suitable for you.

If you are in any doubt, check out our happy customer reviews on  here.

Finally ALL our quotes and prices include installation, so when comparing, please take that into account.

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