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A pergola awning is a fabric awning that is mounted on a structured canopy.  It has a fabric waterproof roof, is wall mounted to an outside wall and has 2 or 3 lightweight posts, creating a frame around the area you wish to shade.

We have a number of fabric awnings that are most suited to commercial properties.  The markilux markant allows two pergolas joined together, allwoing the structure to be wider than most, with a maximum post separation of 6m, and units can be coupled indefinitely.

weinor Pergotex II pergola with fabric roof

Pergola awning brands

Rest assured, we have spent a good deal of time selecting only the best quality awning manufacturers to use. With that in mind, we install markilux and weinor - the very best German engineered awnings – these technologically sound and stylish, premium awnings and will last you for many years.

For each manufacturer we supply a rough guide price for each. Please note, prices include installation, so if you are comparing quotes, make sure the installation is included too.




Why Cotswolds?

We have been fitting awnings, pergolas and glass roofs for a number of years now, and our team pride themselves ondoing the best job possible – whether that is advising you on the best product for what you need, to surveying your property and fitting your chosen awning or pergola.

Our process is simple. You chose what you want and let us know, we survey and provide a quote and then you decide if you wish to go ahead. We then order the product and fit, taking into account when is suitable for you.

If you are in any doubt, check out our happy customer reviews on  here.

Finally ALL our quotes and prices include installation, so when comparing, please take that into account.

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