February 28th 2022

How do you decide on the height of your awning?

A retractable awning provides shade for an area in your garden or patio, allowing you to enjoy the outside, be that as a living or dining area, without having to worry about direct sunlight, along with providing you with some shelter, depending on the weather.


Projection vs height

The height of your awning will be completely dependent on the projection you need.  A walk thorough awning height is typically 2.1m, and we strongly recommend a minimum pitch of 14°on your awning – this pitch will prevent water build up on the fabric, and minimises stretching and damaging of awning.

The easiest way to work out the 14° pitch when you are requesting a quote for an awning is for every metre of projection you will need a 250mm drop.  So a 3 metre projection would need a 750mm drop.  We recommend you start with the preferred lowest height of the awning (which is normally at the front) and how far out you want the awning to come and then work back towards the wall, with a pitch of at least 14°.

An example

Height of 2 metres at the lowest point of the awning x 2.5 metre projection x 14° pitch.

= your cassette would be fitted at 2.725m high on the external wall.

Once you have decided on the height of the awning, then you can then consider colour, style and added extras.

If in doubt, please do ask us for help here – we are happy to advise, the last thing we want is for you not to be happy with your awning.
awning fitted taken from side, so you can see the pitch of the awning
looing outside at a patio awning

Extra privacy with a valance

Have you considered adding a valance to the front or sides of your awning?  A valance gives you privacy from surrounding houses, and extra shade in the evening when the sun is lower; you don’t want the evening sun shining in your eyes when socialising!

Crank handle or remote control?

Most awnings have both as an option.  A crank handle needs no power supply for you to use your awning.  A remote control is safer as you can add a wind sensor which means the awning will automatically retract if the wind is strong. Added to which, if you have come inside and haven’t retracted your awning, you can just retract using the remote control.

Lighting and infrared heaters

Most of our awnings offer LED lighting in the form of spotlights or strip lighting.  These can either be added to the awning cassette or the front of the awning – depending on your preference.

Infrared heaters allow you to enjoy your outdoor space all year around.  We fit infrared heaters under the awning cassette, so they are firmly attached to an external wall.