markilux 3300

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A high impact, low maintenance full cassette awning, with straight line minimalist simplicity.

Extremely robust, with an angular cassette, this precise top/ facing fixture is ideally suited for installation under overhangs and on business premises.

Full product information

  • Full cassette retractable awning - the awning and arms are fully protected by the cassette.
  • Rubber wall sealing strip.
  • The two crossover arms with a narrow width can extend the awning considerably further.
  • Hidden gutter on front profile with water drainage holes to side.
  • Twin steel-link chain integrated into the awning arms, optionally with Bionic tendon.
  • Single unit: minimum width 250cm with smallest projection of 150cm, maximum width 700cm, projection of 400cm.
  • Guarantee - 5 years.