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January 11th 2022

Listed building projects

With over 400,000 listed buildings in the UK, and a large number of these being privately owned, here at Cotswolds we are experienced in working within listed building parameters. Not just the regulatory aspect, but also trying to keep the general look and feel of the building in keeping with the awning or pergola being installed – either attached to the house or on the grounds.



We have worked on a number of different projects in the last 18 months, mainly as people choose to bring their inside outside, working to create more living space and embracing the outside.

We recently planned and installed a Markilux 990 awning on a private home that was also a listed building. The owner wanted an awning that was in keeping with the rest of the property; was almost invisible when the awning was folded away.

To that end we worked with the client to make sure that the awning was at a height where the cassette (which holds the awning when it is retracted) blended into the exposed external beams of the house. They chose a customised RAL cassette colour that fitted that need, and the awning colour was sunsilk waterproof fabric.

listed building, markilux 990 awning fitted
listed building, markilux 990 canopy fitted

Fitting the awning

This particular awning has a U shaped front profile, which means the folding arms and awning cover disappear into the cassette.

General dimensions of this particular awning can be up to 5x3m, but are individually customised to the clients’ wishes.

The awning was chosen with a remote control operation and a wind sensor. The sensor can detect sudden strong winds or heavy rainstorms, and when it does so, will automatically retract the awning to prevent damage.

The markilux also has a wall sealing profile – which means rain can gently drain off the awning – meaning no leaky bits that friends and relatives can’t sit underneath.

markilux 990 fitted to a listed building
wall sealing profile

Your requirements

If you would like to talk to us about your own requirements, or want some advice in finding something suitable for your home, be it a listed building or not, please get in touch.  You can live chat us here on our website, call us on 01451 537580 or Contact Us

  • All our quotes include installation
  • We will always conduct a site visit to make sure we get the correct measurements, show you samples of fabric if needed and order you the right product.