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We have installed a number of different solutions for hot tub pergolas and glass rooms.

Planning is vital.

Do you want a louvred roof on top or a glass roof?  Would you like glass sides or zip screens for privacy.  Do you want it partly open or completely enclosed?  Will you be using it at night so will want dimmable LED lights installed?  Will you use it in the winter and need an infrared heater?

Below are some examples of fittings we have completed in the last year and a rough cost for each.

If you are interested in considering what type of roof you may want to cover your hot tub, read our article here on different types of roofs

Tarasola Technic pergola

An sophisticated bioclimatic pergola, with a louvred roof and glass surround.  We fitted 3 freestanding pergolas together to house a hot tub, an outdoor living space and an infinity pool.  Water is drained off through an integrated guttering system which is hidden within pillars

4.5m x 4.1m with glass sides and LED lighting inside, along with an infrared heater, cost £16,800 including installation and vat.

Tarasola Technic, fitted in Warwickshire. x3 Technics fitted together as pods, with glass and zip screens to separate each
Fitted a Tarasola Essential freestanding pergola over a hot tub at a property in Chipping Norton.


Tarasola Essential pergola

A freestanding Tarasola Essential pergola over a hot tub at a property in Chipping Norton. This graceful, modern roofing system comes with louvres which have a range of rotation from 0-135°.

3m x 3.5m with remote control operation.  Cost circa £9,900 including installation and vat.

Tarasola Technic pavilion

An elegant bioclimatic pergola, with a louvred roof which rotates from 0 - 135°.  This controls the amount of sunlight and ventilation, and protects the pergola from inclement weather.

Zip screens or glass sides can be added to completely enclose you.

4.5m x 3.5m with zip screens on all sides, cost circa £12,800 including installation and vat.

Freestanding Tarasola Technic pergola. Dimensions: 2.8m width x 3 m projection and 4 x 120mm posts. Standard Colour frame & louvres - Anthracite Grey, LED Spotlights within louvres, installed in a garden in Cirencester, Gloucs


Tarasola pergola

A freestanding Tarasola Technic pergola built for housing a hot tub. With LED lighting and 4 posts to hold up the structure, in anthracite grey.

3m x 3m with remote control operation and LED lights fitted into the louvres.  Cost circa £11,100 including installation and vat.

Remember, in all our costs we include vat and installation; nothing hidden at Cotswolds!

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