weinor Terrazza Sempra

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Winning the iF design award, the Terrazza Sempra design impresses with timeless shapes and clear lines, which will help you enjoy alfresco living in your precious outdoor space

The Terrazza Sempra adapts perfectly to your house's architecture and can be easily converted into a glass room with sliding doors allowing you to enjoy your new room all year round.

Full product information

  • Max. roof width 7m, max. roof depth, 6m.
  • 2 roof options - Terrazza Sempra - patio roof without overhang, Terrazza Sempra Plus - patio roof with roof overhang.
  • Terrazza Sempra roof pitch 3°-45°, Terrazza Sempra Plus roof pitch 3°-15°.
  • 6 different roof types / shapes available to choose from.
  • The weinor Terrazza is rated for high-quality laminated safety glass (LSG). Roof made from 10mm - 12mm safety glass.
  • High stability roof thanks to the T-beam shape.
  • Widths between centre posts of up to 7 metres are possible for panoramic view.
  • The pergola posts can be attached to suitable solid substrates using mounting plates or sunk directly into the ground.