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Weinor Plaza Viva

Overcome British Weather With Our Premium Outdoor Pergola Awning

Tired of the unpredictable British weather spoiling your summer plans? The Weinor Plaza Viva textile pergola awning is your answer. This state-of-the-art patio solution allows you to embrace the outdoors in most conditions, providing reliable sun shading, wind protection, and rain protection.

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Transform your outdoor living experience with the Weinor Plaza Viva, a textile pergola awning designed to adapt to the unpredictable British summer.

Product Highlights


  • All-round Weather Protection: Don't let the unpredictable British summer hold you back. With the integrated VertiTex II vertical awning, enjoy sun protection, privacy, wind screen, and anti-glare protection.
  • Reliable Rainwater Drainage: With our optional telescopic post, you can lower the awning for effective rainwater drainage, keeping your patio dry and comfortable.
  • Flexible Adjustment with Compensation Joint: Our awning adjusts to changing weather conditions, providing a comfortable outdoor space even in the typically changeable British climate.
  • High-Tension Fabric Options: Choose between the OptiStretch and Stretch versions to suit your preferences.
  • Robust Protection: With its robust awning cassette, your awning is well-protected from the elements.
  • Quiet Operation: The patented carriage system ensures quiet, gentle retraction and extension.
  • Optional LED Lighting: Extend your evenings with warm, dimmable LED lighting, perfect for British summer nights.
  • Valance Plus Option: Provides additional glare protection and privacy.
  • High Wind Resistance: Designed to withstand the gusty winds common in British summers.

Technical Specifications


  • Maximum Width: 6 m
  • Maximum Projection: 5 m
  • Installation Options: Walls, ceilings/overhangs, roofs
  • Motor Drive: Standard
  • Wind Protection: Up to wind force 6 (Beaufort)
  • Rain Protection: From a 4° pitch
  • Roof Pitch: 4° – 25°

Note: Water drainage with telescopic technology is only achieved with a minimum awning pitch of 4° and when the telescopic post is completely lowered (5° for Valance Plus option).