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markilux pergola compact

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The markilux pergola compact unites the graceful shape of the classic pergola with the latest in product design and the most advanced technology.

The compact, space-saving awning system on slender support posts and with lateral guide tracks, which always keep the cover taut, is ideal for smaller patios and is a reddot design award winner.

Full product information

  • Dimensions: max 450 x400cm.
  • Wind resistance class 3, Beaufort 6.
  • Full cassette system, meaning the awning is completely protected when retracted.
  • Water drainage from the cover via integrated gutter and support posts from pitch of just 5 degrees.
  • Telescopic posts to the front of the pergola is an option - lowering the pergola and allowing better water drainage.
  • Round or square posts options.
  • Guarantee - 5 years.