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Create Beautiful and Functional Outdoor Spaces with KE Kedry Prime

The KE Kedry Prime is a true symbol of luxury, style and function. Manufactured in Italy, the Kedry Prime is made from the highest quality aluminium, resulting in a sleek, minimalist design with no visible fixings. The side blinds are integrated into the roof profile, adding to its aesthetic appeal. In addition, the motor is fully enclosed within the roof profile, providing additional protection from the elements.

The tilting roof of the Kedry Prime is a unique feature that provides greater control over the amount of light and shade that enters the space. With the ability to adjust the roof to let in more or less light, the Kedry Prime is an ideal choice for all seasons. Whether you want to bask in the sun or stay sheltered from the rain, the Kedry Prime has you covered.

Technical specs:
  • Unlimited number of modules
  • Can be free standing or wall mounted
  • Blades rotating up to 135°
  • High resistance to wind and snow
  • Can be closed through vertical fabrics and sliding glass doors
  • Can be lighted with internal and external LED strips
  • Sun resistance
  • Wind resistance, grade 6
  • Maximum width: 500 cm
  • Maximum projection: 705 cm
  • Tested and certified CE and TUV

Kedry Prime Louvred Roof Pergola: A Fusion of Style, Comfort, and Functionality

With features like retractable side zip screens, LED lighting, infrared heating, and glass sliding doors, you can create a luxurious, private haven outdoors.

This advanced outdoor solution offers more than just shade; it's a full-featured living space with diverse elements that cater to your comfort. It boasts retractable side zip screens that blend flawlessly into the roof structure when not in use, providing an uncluttered look while ready to offer weather protection and privacy at your convenience. Other additional features include glass sliding doors for an open yet defined space, LED lighting for elegant illumination, and infrared heating to extend your comfort into cooler evenings. The Kedry Prime is the perfect choice for enhancing your outdoor living experience, making it an ideal space for relaxation, entertainment, or simply soaking up the sun. Experience the extraordinary with the Kedry Prime Louvred Roof Pergola.

This image showcases the view from inside a KE Kedry Prime louvred roof pergola in white. The adjustable louvres of the Kedry Prime pergola allow for customizable levels of sunlight and shade, creating a comfortable and inviting space to enjoy the outdoors. With its sleek and modern design, the Kedry Prime pergola adds an attractive element to the outdoor space while also providing practical benefits. The white color of the pergola blends seamlessly with the patio and surrounding landscaping, creating a unified and cohesive outdoor living space. The view from inside the pergola highlights the beautiful outdoor environment, with lush greenery and natural light flooding the space. With the KE Kedry Prime louvred roof pergola, you can enjoy the best of both worlds - the beauty of the outdoors with the comfort and convenience of a covered outdoor space.
Nighttime View of KE Kedry Prime Louvred Roof Pergola with LED Lighting
Infrared heaters installed under louvred roof pergola glass sliding doors