Finance Available

The weinor Terrazza Originale patio roofs features an elegant construction, a classic roof pitch with shapely design and high resilience. The modular system can be expanded by vertical glass elements to create the transparent Glasoase®.

Anyone spending time under a patio roof would prefer to enjoy an unobstructed view, with the Originale larger spans are feasible without middle posts, so nothing obstructs the view.

Full product information

  • Wall mounted veranda.
  • Roof depth min 3.5m to max 6m.
  • Roof pitch 5 - 15° .
  • Max 7m between posts.
  • The weinor Terrazza is rated for high-quality laminated safety glass (LSG). Roof made from 10mm - 12mm safety glass.
  • No mounting grooves, no silicone, almost no visible screws.
  • Terrazza Originale - patio roof without overhang, with integrated guttering.
  • Terrazza Originale Plus - patio roof with roof overhang and integrated guttering.
  • Rainwater is systematically drained away by the downspout discretely integrated into the post.
  • 12 different roof types available to choose from.
  • Solid glass and aluminium construction.