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July 28th 2022

3 considerations choosing between a polycarbonate or glass roof

Consider what you are planning on building first…

September 12th 2022

Awnings from £4,000

We only fit awning brands that are good to fit, have an excellent choice of colours and options…

September 2nd 2022

Pergolas from £9,000

We have a range of different pergolas, all of which are manufactured by experienced, reputable companies,

March 7th 2022

5 tips when choosing your perfect awning

Think about the size of your awning, the budget you have, the colour, design…

July 18th 2022

Awning or a parasol?

Awnings have been popular in European countries providing shade for some years now, and have been proving a welcome addition to houses over here in the UK…

March 14th 2022

7 benefits of a glass roof

In this article we explore the benefits of a glass roof structure, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space all year….

April 18th 2022

Aluminium or wooden pergola?

Pergolas can be wooden or metal – the choice is yours. They can be used as a…

February 7th 2022

Roof options for your pergola

There are plenty of options when choosing a roof for your freestanding or wall mounted pergola….

January 14th 2022

Things to consider when researching pergolas

There are a large number of accessories to choose from, depending on…

January 13th 2022

Awning cassette options

The awning cassette is the casing – it holds the awning and is where the awning both retracts and expands from…