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October 23rd 2023

How Much Does a Bioclimatic Pergola Cost?

Understanding the Value of Bioclimatic Pergolas

Choosing a bioclimatic Louvred Roof Pergolas means opting for a blend of sophisticated design, cutting-edge features, and unparalleled durability. These highly versitle, multi seasonal structures are designed to elevate any outdoor living space, providing a stylish and comfortable area to unwind, entertain, and enjoy life's moments.

Interior view of the Louvred Roof Pergola Glass Garden Room, highlighting its expansive design and luxury features.

What Influences the Cost?

The investment in a high-grade, bespoke bioclimatic louvred roof pergola ranges from £15,000 to £80,000+ in the UK. Let’s explore the factors that contribute to this pricing:


Materials: Opt for Premium

Our premium pergolas are crafted from high-grade aluminium, a material synonymous with durability and minimal maintenance. While it commands a premium price, it ensures longevity and timeless elegance.

Innovative Features and Automation

Elevate your outdoor living experience with additional features and automated controls at your fingertips. From remote-controlled adjustable louvres to integrated lighting and heating options, experience convenience, luxury, and comfort like never before.

Installation Mastery

The installation of these top-tier structures demands a combination of precision, specialized equipment, and extensive experience to guarantee safe and effective setup, ensuring optimal functionality, enduring performance, and complete peace of mind.

European Excellence: The Cotswold Assurance

Our bioclimatic pergolas are a product of European craftsmanship, adhering strictly to EU standards of quality and safety. This ensures that every pergola is not just a structure, but a masterpiece of engineering and design excellence.

The Impact of Shipping Costs

Given that these pergolas are manufactured in Europe, shipping to the UK is an additional factor in the overall cost. The shipping expenses are influenced by the pergola’s size, weight, and the distance it needs to travel.

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