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weinor have been in the awnings business for over 50 years now, producing awnings, pergolas and glass roofs to your specifications.

The ranges are designed to be simple to use, robust and pleasing on the eye and come with a 5 year guarantee.  They can all be converted to electric awnings, rather than the traditional crank handle, and come with a range of accessories including LED spotlights infared heaters and wind and rain sensors.

With over 170 awning waterproof fabrics, either to blend into your décor, or the opposite - to make a statement - you can be sure that your awning solution will be the right one for your home or your business.

weinor Cassita II

Receiver of three design awards, this elegant design also features high-performance technology.

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weinor Opal Design II

Designed to shade large areas this full cassette awning stands out for its timeless, classic design.

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weinor Semina Life

Semina Life is the all-rounder among fitted awnings. It impresses due to its modern, fresh design.

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weinor Kubata

The Kubata has a cubic, almost perfectly square shaped cassette, so when closed it creates a clean line agains the outer building wall.

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weinor Semina

The Semina combines a fresh, youthful design with proven technology and reliable quality.

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weinor IKN2000

The sturdy awning with support pipes can be used almost anywhere, tending towards a traditional design.

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weinor Topas

The Topas open cassette awning is ideally suited under eaves or below a balcony to protect the awning.

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