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September 12th 2022

Awnings from £4,000

At Cotswold Awnings and Pergolas, we believe in fitting only the finest awnings, those that not only ensure a seamless installation process, but also offer outstanding warranties and a broad selection of colours and features.

Our preference? Full cassette awnings. These are our absolute favourites to install. What sets them apart is their retractable design that fully encloses and protects the awning from the elements when not in use, thereby extending its lifespan and ensuring it stays in top-notch condition.

Introducing the weinor Semina Life

An awning that expertly blends award-winning Reddot design aesthetics with superior performance technology. This marvel of design boasts an ultra-sleek cassette, providing a compact and seamless housing for the awning when retracted.

It's not just about looks; it's about functionality too. With an integrated rain gutter, the weinor Semina Life ensures that you stay dry, even during an unexpected downpour. And with an optional wind and rain sensor, this awning offers an unparalleled blend of convenience and protection.

What's more? If you opt for the weinor modern basics blue® fabric collection, you're making an environmentally-conscious choice as this fabric is produced using 85% recycled PET.

weinor Semina Life awning fitted as a wedding present!

Introducing the Markilux 5010 canopy

A pinnacle of sophistication and functionality, making it the perfect choice for larger outdoor spaces with a maximum width of up to 7m.

Boasting an integrated gutter system and cutting-edge app control functionality, this awning offers convenience at your fingertips. Its striking design is accentuated by chic chrome fittings and an impressive array of accessories. One of the standout features is the LED Spotline equipped with three LED spotlights, creating an enchanting ambiance for those late summer evenings spent outdoors.

And that's not all – with over 250 fabric colour choices, the markilux 5010 offers complete customisation to suit your style. It also features an optional valance, a drop-down front awning that provides an added layer of privacy.

As an example, a markilux 5010 canopy with dimensions of 6m width x 3.5m projection comes at a cost of approximately £6,500, inclusive of VAT and installation.

markilux 5010 awning fitted to the back of a house in Warwickshire. An impressive 10m width and 4m projection, covering a large portion of the decking.

Presenting the weinor Cassita II awning

An elegant and high-performing outdoor solution that's become a favourite amongst our customers. This awning is so exceptional, it even has its own dedicated blog that you can explore here.

The weinor Cassita II has the distinction of being a Reddot design award winner, boasting a sleek design fused with top-tier technology and an ultra-slim full cassette. It is equipped with a quiet motor and a durable, long-life arm.

What sets this awning apart is the remarkable choice of over 50 frame colour options and more than 150 fabric selections. With the added benefit of Teflon fabric coating, the awning surface resists oil, water, and dirt, preventing rot and ensuring longevity.

To give you an idea of costs, a weinor Cassita II awning with dimensions of 5.5m width x 3m projection is priced around £4610.00, including VAT and installation.

weinor Cassita ll LED awning Built-in LED light bar, infrared heaterfitted to a house in Broadway, Gloucestershire

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