markilux awnings

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markilux design attractive, sturdy awnings for your outdoor area; be that patio, garden space or balcony.  The products are customised to your specification and manufactured in Germany.  A number of the markilux awnings have won awards, either through design - such as the 6000 awning – or technical innovation – such as the 1600 semi cassette.

The Markilux product range includes open, semi and full cassette canopies.  They have different maximum widths depending on the one you select, and most can be used as a coupled awning if you have a particularly large area to shade, the 1710, 5010, 6000 and 3300 in particular.

Every markilux product is made to measure, of the highest quality and fitted with the latest in waterproof fabric technology.

markilux MX-1

This compact awning which fits flat against a wall, delivers perfect protection any time of the year.

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markilux planet

An eyecatching parasol and awning in one that provides perfect shading for your space outdoors.

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markilux 990

A compact construction with the U-shaped front profile in which the folding arms & awning disappear

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MX-3 for Range Cooker showroom in Pinner, Middlesex, customised awning with logo

markilux MX-3

The design allows adding colour to the cassette to create your own distinctive style.

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markilux 6000

This top-quality oval shaped cassette canopy has been presented with the reddot design award.

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markilux 5010

This oval shaped cassette awning is a slender design but just as strong as you would expect.

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markilux 970

This awning with an angular cassette exudes urban lifestyle with confidence.

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markilux 1710

The Markilux 1710 is a reddot award winning design; a classic torque bar awning with a round cassette.

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markilux 3300

A high impact, low maintenance full cassette awning, with straight line minimalist simplicity.

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markilux 1600

A semi-cassette awning that meets the highest demands, this awning won the IF product design award.

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markilux 930

An open style awning, the  930 is perfectly suited for balconies with protection or fitted below eaves.

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