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Awnings are a great way of expanding your business footprint in an unobtrusive and cost effective way.  They provide shade & shelter for customers who coming into your establishment or socialising outside.  We have seen an increase in awning orders for commercial properties as businesses look to adapt following the pandemic – with more people willing to follow the continental culture of dining alfresco.

This article highlights the acceptance of the UK population to eat and drink outside more https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/articles/pandemic_food_trends

Provide shade

Awnings provide shade from direct sunlight, and with a valance they can provide some form of shelter too, along with giving the homeowner or business some extra privacy for their customer.  Our most popular awnings at the moment are coupled – so two side by side, or with a solid metal structure in the middle.  For more information on coupled awnings, please click here


Cox and Co estate agenct, Witney, Oxfordshire
markilux awning shelter outside a hotel

Awning cassette options

To progress your alfresco options, you have the choice of 3 types of awning; open awning, semi-cassette, and full cassette.

We recommend full cassette in most instances as it provides complete protection for the awning, meaning it will last longer.  For more information please read our blog here


markilux 990 coupled awning sheltering a cafe patio area
markilux awning over the outside of a hotel in London, providing shade

Awning manufacturers

We have spent a good deal of time selecting the best quality awning manufacturers for you to choose from.  Each have a minimum of 5 year guarantee on their products, and we offer a service option too.  For more information please click here.

For each manufacturer we have listed the different products they offer and we supply a rough guide price for each. Please note, prices include installation, so if you are comparing quotes, make sure the installation is included too






Why Cotswolds?

We have been fitting awnings, pergolas and glass roofs for a number of years now, and our team pride themselves ondoing the best job possible – whether that is advising you on the best product for what you need, to surveying your property and fitting your chosen awning or pergola.

Our process is simple. You chose what you want and let us know, we survey and provide a quote and then you decide if you wish to go ahead. We then order the product and fit, taking into account when is suitable for you.

If you are in any doubt, check out our happy customer reviews on  here.

Finally ALL our quotes and prices include installation, so when comparing, please take that into account.

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Including Installation and VAT in your quote

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