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Enhance your patio or terrace experience with our tailored range of remote awnings.

An awning is not only an ideal solution to UV protection, but also a sophisticated addition to your home. If you're looking for protection from the elements during family gatherings, or just want to sit out on your patio without waiting for the weather to be perfect, then our selection of retractable awnings are the way to go.

Promising Intelligent design combined with attractive stylish appearance, our awnings are fitted with the highest level of expertise and professionalism! Cotswold Awnings and Pergolas are here to help you choose the very best awning to suit your requirements.

We supply and install only market leading, European awning manufactures such as Markilux, Weinor and KE Outdoor Design so you can be sure that you are receiving only high-grade products.

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KE Qubica Plum twin awning with LED lighting in the arms wall mounted above patio area

KE Qubica Plumb

An elegant full cassette awning with an aluminium square front; a perfect match between high industrial technology and Italian design.

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Ke Outdoor Design Qubica flat awning

KE Qubica Flat

A stylish full cassette awning from KE in a compact modern square design, wall or ceiling mounted.

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KE Outdoor Design Qubica Light twin awnings wall mounted over patio area

KE Qubica Light

A simple, neat and elegant design, the full cassette is a unique C shape; the fasteners and screws are completely hidden.

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MX1 awning, extended in yellow and grey stripes

Markilux MX-1

This compact awning delivers perfect protection any time of the year.  The MX-1 can be fitted flat against an external wall, or fitted under a glass roof to provide shade. This awning can be a subtle addition, or, depending on the colour you choose, can have real standout.

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Makilux MX-2 in red wall mounted above patio

Markilux MX-2

The essence of flowing design and perfect solar protection technology – this state of the art full cassette markilux awning when closed gives the impression of being entirely in one piece. Winner of the German design award 2022.

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Markilux MX-3 remote awning

markilux MX-3

The design allows adding colour to the cassette to create your own distinctive style.

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Markilux 6000 awning with drop down valance over patio area

markilux 6000

This top-quality oval shaped cassette canopy has been presented with the reddot design award.

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Markilux 5010 large awning above patio doors

markilux 5010

This oval shaped cassette awning is a slender design but just as strong as you would expect.

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Weinor 990 awning wall mounted above sliding patio doors

markilux 990

A compact construction with the U-shaped front profile in which the folding arms & awning disappear into.

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Weinor Cassita II wall mounted above patio doors

weinor Cassita II

Receiver of three design awards, this elegant design also features high-performance technology.

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weinor Semina full cassette awning

weinor Semina

The Semina combines a fresh, youthful design with proven technology and reliable quality.

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weinor topas wall mounted awning fitted above patio doors

Weinor Topas

The Topas open cassette awning is highly wind resistant, and when one of the many frame colour options is combined with one of the beautiful fabrics it creates the perfect combination.

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Weinor Kubata awning with LED lighting in red, wall mounted

weinor Kubata

The Kubata has a cubic, almost perfectly square shaped cassette, so when closed it creates a clean line agains the outer building wall.

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Weinor Opal Design II awning close up image

weinor Opal Design II

Designed to shade large areas this full cassette awning stands out for its timeless, classic design.

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Weinor semina life awning wall mounted above bay window

weinor Semina Life

Semina Life is the all-rounder among fitted awnings. It impresses due to its modern, fresh design.

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Planet frame mounted awning with a valance extended above a bench

Markilux Planet

The Markilux Planet is a freestanding post and frame for any Markilux folding arm awning

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