July 18th 2022

Awning vs parasol

Large canopy umbrellas in your outdoor space are becoming more popular and if you look at Pinterest, there has been a real increase in displaying them as part of garden designs.  However, as the weather heats up, so are awnings.  Awnings have been successful used in European countries providing shade for some years now, and have been proving a popular addition to houses over here in the UK.

Permanent structure

An awning can be fitted to the side of your house, either at the back or on the sides, or over a balcony.  The projection is dependent on how much of your patio you want shaded, but these are all considerations when choosing your awning.  Added to that, they come in an array of different colours and designs; markilux have over 150 different designs and colours to choose from – you really are spoilt for choice.

An umbrella can be situated in a part of the garden that isn’t attached to an external wall which makes it mobile, but can also mean it is less rigid and prone to blowing over.  Or it needs to have a really heavy base that means in effect, its immobile. It also needs structure, so has a pole in the middle of it, which can limit where it is positioned.

Mobile awnings

markilux have created a permanent awning which is freestanding, so it can be installed anywhere in the garden.  It’s called the markilux Planet and can be fixed where needed.  The most recent installation of this awning was in a large garden with a tennis court – and now provides shade in breaks or for family/friends spectators!

Protection and fading

Most good quality large umbrellas will come with a covering but a lot of households will leave the umbrella up all summer, this means the umbrella is likely to fade and become less weatherproof.  An awning can be retracted whenever it isn’t being used.  We strongly recommend you choose a canopy which comes with a full cassette, so the awning is completely shielded from all weather conditions when not in use.

Remote control retraction

Rather than getting yourself tied up with trying to pull down a large umbrella (which we’ve all done!) an awning can be easily retracted either using a crank handle, or a remote control.  That means if you come in late in the evening and have forgotten to pull the awning in, you can just use the remote control to retract from inside.


Awnings can cost from £3,500 including installation and vat.  Whilst umbrellas are a cheaper option, they aren’t as long lasting, are much more likely to rot or suffer from mould, and are prone to instability.

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