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July 18th 2022

Awning vs parasol

As the popularity of large canopy umbrellas in outdoor spaces continues to surge, they have become a mainstay in garden design aesthetics on platforms such as Pinterest. But as temperatures rise, awnings are capturing the spotlight. They've long been the preferred shade solutions in European countries, and their popularity is rapidly growing in the UK as well.

An awning, a permanent structure, can be installed along the sides or rear of your house, or even over a balcony. The size and projection can be customized to provide the ideal amount of shade for your patio – factors that we consider diligently when helping you choose your awning. Furthermore, with a myriad of colours and designs available – Markilux alone offers over 150 variations – you're certain to find an awning that matches your unique style.

On the other hand, an umbrella, while mobile, may not provide the same stability as an awning. It might be prone to tipping over unless it has a heavy base, which may render it effectively immobile. Moreover, the presence of a central pole could limit its placement options. Therefore, while both umbrellas and awnings have their merits, the latter are becoming a favoured choice for their robustness, versatility and design flexibility.

Adaptable Awnings

With innovation at its core, Markilux has introduced a unique freestanding awning – the Markilux Planet. This mobile shading solution can be conveniently installed anywhere in your garden, providing shade precisely where you need it. Our latest installation saw the Markilux Planet enrich a spacious garden with a tennis court, transforming it into a cool refuge for players during breaks and a comfortable viewing spot for spectators!

Durability and Colour Retention

While most high-quality large umbrellas come with protective coverings, they are often left open throughout the summer, leading to potential fading and reduced weatherproofing. In contrast, awnings can be conveniently retracted when not in use, preserving their vibrant hues and integrity. We strongly advocate for opting for awnings with a full cassette, ensuring complete protection from the elements when your awning is tucked away. With such features, an awning maintains its look and performance for many summers to come.

Effortless Operation

Forget about the struggles of pulling down a large umbrella. An awning offers an effortless operation – either by a simple crank handle or by a remote control. Picture this: You've had a long day and have just returned home late in the evening. You realize you've forgotten to retract the awning. No worries! With just a press on your remote control, you can easily tuck it away from the comfort of your indoors.

Investment and Longevity

Awnings are an investment that start from £2,500, inclusive of installation and VAT. While umbrellas may seem like a more economical choice, they don't offer the same durability. Awnings, on the other hand, withstand the test of time, resisting rot and mould, and maintaining stability even in the face of inclement weather.
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