January 13th 2022

Awning cassette options

The awning cassette is the casing  - it holds the awning and is where the awning both retracts and expands from.

Full cassette

With a full cassette awning, the fabric and mechanism are completely enclosed. This increases the life of the awning and fabric for years. Not only is this the best option for keeping your awning protected, it is also the best awning to invest your money in!


A semi-cassette awning means the fabric of the awning is covered from above but is open underneath and the arms and mechanism are exposed to the elements.  Once again, this can shorten the life of the awning as exposure in the UK with the different weather conditions will have an impact.


With an open awning the fabric and mechanism are completely exposed to the elements.  In a Mediterranean country, this may well suit, but with the differing weather conditions in the UK, we would not recommend this type of awning, as it won’t last as long.



In most situations and where budget allows, we would recommend a full cassette awning.


Once you have picked your awning, you can then choose extras you might want.  These include remote control options, wind and rain sensors, LED lighting and heaters.  Within each product listed on our website, click on the accessories tab and all  available accessories will be detailed.


Awning with valance

A valance attached to your awning, either at the sides or on the front, will provide some privacy whilst sitting outside in your garden.   It also offers extra shade in the evening when the sun is sitting lower in the sky – when this happens the sunlight can shine in your eyes, which can be a bit of a hinderance if you are entertaining.  It can provide some protection when it rains.

Now to choose your awning.

The manufacturer options available are:

weinor and markilux

If you are still unsure, or would like further information please get in touch with us either email here, Livechat us or call us on 01451 537580.  We will be more than happy to help!