January 14th 2022

Awning accessories

There are a large number of accessories to choose from, depending on the awning you choose.  From LED lighting to infrared heaters, we will run through a number of different options.

Different coloured cassettes

Some of the awnings we stock allow you to choose different coloured cassettes – to create either a contrast or allow it to blend in to its surrounds.  Common coloured cassettes are grey, black and white.  Typically these are quite functional colours and are used to blend into the surroundings.

However a number of awnings, such as the markilux MX-3 and weinor Semina Life allow you to change the colour of the cassette, and the end caps which you can then match to your canopy fabric or can contrast with it.   A perfect example is this sulphur yellow and grey cassette with a sulphur yellow canopy – which is really striking.

Infrared heaters

We can supply infrared heaters to keep you warm outside when the sun goes down.  We often find that patio awnings are used much more regularly with a heater – so it will allow you to enjoy an alfresco lifestyle for longer int eh day.

Wind and rain sensors

These are ideal in a country with mixed weather such as the UK.  You can have an awning set to open or close when it rains, or the same with the sun,  however, we strongly recommend that if you are not planning on sitting out under your canopy, you do bring it in.  In order for these all weather awnings to last as long as possible, you need to exercise some care with them.

LED lights featured in the cassette
markilux remote control handset
LED light strip fitted to profile

Remote controlled or crank handle

Depending on where your awning is situated, you might choose a crank handle over a remote controlled awning.  A remote controlled awning is far easier, it will automatically come in (or out, depending on your settings) when it rains, and if you have some inside and forgotten to retract your awning, you can do it from the comfort of your room.  A crank handle is useful for smaller awnings and allows you to extend and retract your awning as much or as little as you would like.

LED Lighting

Additional lighting is a fantastic option in order for you to use your alfresco space in the evening.  This could be in the form of an LED strip with a number of LED lights, either fitted to the cassette when retracted or attached to the end of the awning when extended.  You can also have LED spotlights which will fold in when retracted.  These allow you to spotlight certain areas in the early evening, and then move them as required.

Additional valance

A valance is a stretch of fabric that extends down the front of the awning.  It can provide both extra shade, shelter and privacy.  A motorized valance can be extended at the touch of a button – you decide how long or short you need it to be.  On some of the weinor brands you can also install side shelters, which are similar to a wind break and offer protection from sun and wind.


For more information on the awnings and accessories we stock, please click here.  To talk through the accessories you might need either email us here, give us a call on 01451 537580 or LiveChat us right here on our website.