April 18th 2022

Aluminium or wooden pergola?

A pergola is a construction, made out of wood or aluminium, that offers shade and is either attached to an external wall or is freestanding.  Pergolas can be wooden or metal – the choice is yours.  They can be used as a simple structure to sit under, or for something more practical, such as housing a hot tub or offering a dining area.


Aluminium pergolas

Aluminium pergolas are hard wearing.  The aluminium is oxidised with a coating of paint to prevent rusting and the structure can be made in a variety of colours to either compliment or contrast with your surroundings.

Whilst an aluminium pergola is more of a contrast in the outdoor space you are currently considering, plants can also be grown up the supporting posts of the pergola and the roof options are numerous.  These are built on existing or new patio areas, and the posts are fixed to the ground – either bolted or cemented in.

weinor Plaza Viva retractable fabric roof pergola, installed by Cotswolds in Oxford

Shade options

You could choose to have an awning roof with slim pergola support posts – the markilux pergola is a perfect example of this and has a retractable awning, so if its not needed, it can be retracted back into its cassette. Or the more robust Tarasola Loft or Tarasola Elegancy fabric roofed pergolas - which can also be part-retracted when not needed and are completely waterproof and UV resistant.

Another option is an aluminium louvred roof, which angles from 0 - 135 degrees and allows you to alter the shade depending on where the sun is in the sky, or shut completely to offer you protection from the rain.

Shelter options

On some of the pergolas we offer, you can add sides to provide shelter, in the form of glass sides, sliding doors or zip screens.  This means your pergola can be fully enclosed, and if you choose to install a infrared heater too, can be used all year round.

Wooden pergolas

Wooden pergolas (or gazebos) are normally freestanding in a garden with a wooden crossbeam open roof, providing some form of canopy or shelter.  They are frequently built above a patio or seating area.  Plants can be trained up the side of the wooden pergola to help it blend in with the surroundings.

In effect, most wooden structures are more of a decorative feature and provide very little shelter, but some shade.  They can be situated anywhere in your outdoor space and the posts can be hammered in to the ground.

Extra shade options

Wooden pergolas, if large enough, can be fitted with an under or over awning – providing more shade at the touch of a button.  We offer both weinor and markilux awnings which can be fitted to your wooden structure.  If you are interested in the best awnings models for this, please get in touch here and we can advise you.

weinor overawning on a wooden pergola
close up of weinor overawning on wooden pergola, fitted in Gloucestershire
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