March 7th 2022

5 tips when choosing your perfect awning

1. Size – how much space do you need shaded?

Think about where the awning will be placed.  Is you patio big enough or do you want it extended before having an awning fitted?  What is going underneath the awning?  It could be a Living room area or have a table and chairs for dining.  With some customers they would prefer a electric retractable canopy to be fitted first, to then determine if their outdoor patio space needs to be bigger.  If your outdoor space you want shaded is particularly large, we have a number of awnings that are more suited for that, or you could consider a coupled awning.

Also think about how far out you want the projection of the canopy to be.  We have another blog which deals with this, which you can read here

2. Budget

Do consider the budget you have and take into account extras you may well want.  We offer x2 example prices on every awning we stock so you can get an idea of how much they cost.

Remember, all our prices include VAT and installation, which makes it easier to budget before the awning is fitted.  But you may want to include some extra funds for infrared heaters, LED lighting attached to the awning so it can be used in the dusk and dark too, along with an electricity supply for infrared heaters and wind & rain sensors.

awning with electricity so it can be remote controlled and the infrared heating works
weinor Cassita II awning fitted with electricity supply, so they can retract the awning using remote control, and use the wind sensor option
small MX1 awning fitted to a side balcony in Gloucestershire with visible cable for electricity supply

3. Colour and design

We have two brands for you to choose your awning from – weinor and markilux.  Both have over 30 years’ experience manufacturing quality awnings and a 5 year guarantee which is why we offer them.  They each have a number of colour options to choose from – both in terms of the powder coated colour of the awning cassette - and also the awning itself.  markilux fabric options brochure and colour options brochure, weinor

Waterproof fabric styles and colours include stripes, subtler colours to blend in with your outdoor space or brighter colours to add some contrast.  When we come to survey, we will bring a number of colour swatches with us, to make sure you are happy with your choice – sometimes an image on the screen make look different on a piece of waterproof fabric.

4. Power supply

If you are planning on having a remote control awning, then an electricity supply is important.  When we come to survey and discuss your plans we can make sure the electricity supply is possible.

A remote control allows you to retract or extend the awning without using a crank handle.  It also means you can add a wind sensor to your awning, so when it gets gusty, the awning will automatically retract.

5. To valance or not valance

Some people would like extra privacy when they are considering an awning, and a valance gives you just that.  Either at the front or front and sides, this can provide privacy from neighbours, and can also be extra shade when the sun is lying low at night.

Bright green markilux canopy with LED lights
retractable patio canopy fitted between building and garage for socialising, Oxford

Next steps...

For more information on the choosing a patio awning, please click here.  To talk through the awning requirements you are considering either email us here, give us a call on 01451 537580 or LiveChat us right here on our website!