July 28th 2022

3 considerations when choosing between a polycarbonate or glass roof

These days some styles of polycarbonate can almost pass as glass, and polycarbonate roofs are often a cheaper and more robust alternative.  All our glass and polycarbonate roofs come with some form of guttering so rain water can drain off and doesn’t collect on the roof.
However, it is worth considering what you are planning on building first before making a choice.


1. What are you planning on using the structure for?

We are seeing an increase in car ports as more people use their garages for storage and then need a structure to protect their car.  Car ports are traditionally polycarbonate, as they are attached to the side of the house and the posts to fencing on one side, and are a cheaper alternative to a glass roof.  Our Deponti Bosco is a very popular choice, as it has a modern finish to it, and a number of different polycarbonate roof options, from opal to clear.

However, some customers want a covered area which is wall mounted to the back or down the side of their house, and potentially an awning attached to the underside of the new roof to provide shade as well as shelter.  Glass roofs can have strong posts and can be more ornate, so they blend in more to the features of the house.  The Milwood Simplicity Extra offers the Victorian upgrade with gallow brackets and base castings.

If you are planning an outdoor room, glass is the ideal option, as you can add glass doors and glass sides to fully enclose the garden room.

Deponti Bosco polycarbonate roof with key frame down the sides and posts with drainage integrated
A weinor Terrazza Sempra glass room with sliding doors, and underawning for shade - fitted in Bristol

2. Accessories

A polycarbonate roof is often a more practical choice, but if you are looking at having an underawning, or using it as shelter in your outdoor space, then a glass roof provides more options.

You can choose fitted LED lights which can be integrated into the aluminium roof bars.  If you are considering an underawning, once again a glass roof is preferable, as they are easily fitted underneath.  The weinor Terrazza Sempra has its own underawning and fabric sides - the Sottezza II underawning.


3. Budget considerations

Polycarbonate roofing, such as the Milwood 16 start at £4,500 including vat and installation, or the Deponti Bosco depending on size, starts from £6,300 including installation and vat.  The Bosco can easily be converted to a glass room though, so it has more options.

A glass roof such as the weinor Terrazza Pure wall mounted glass roof, 4.5m width x 3.5m projection would cost £13,150 inc. vat and installation.



Finally, if you would like something fitted as quickly as possible then the Deponti Bosco or the Cotswold Modern Lean-to are ideal for you.  Both can be fitted within 3-4 weeks of our initial survey.

If you would like to discuss further, please do get in touch here.  We also have an ideas tab which you can find here, that has examples of both polycarbonate and glass roofs we have fitted, with prices including under awnings and LED lights (if applicable).

Milwood Simplicity 16 fitted as a car and porch on a cottage in Witney, Oxfordshire.
Cotswolds Modern wall mounted aluminium glass roof in white